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Spring Reading Catalogue

Spring (or Autumn, for any northerners) is almost here, and with it comes an exciting array of new books sure to excite and entertain. It seems as if an infinite supply of new books are being written every day on an equally infinite number of topics. Just over half of those are vampire novels. But regardless of your reading style, you are bound to find something you love. Of course, you don’t have the time to sift through every new book looking for the one that will capture your heart. You’re far too busy! You have a life to live! Fortunately, I do not, and so having obtained a sneak glimpse of some of the new exciting books coming our way I want to share them with you. Will you find your new favourite? (Click on links for a sneak peek inside each book!)

The Big Book of Dermabrasion

A great coffee table book  that’s always on hand for lazy Sunday afternoons or as a conversation starter at small fondue parties. The Big Book of Dermabrasion makes a great belated gift for Mother’s Day, or why not just treat yourself?

Philosophical Musings of Willow Smith

Celebrity autobiographies are unavoidable but few are written with such insight and clarity as Willow Smith’s. Reflecting on her many years in the entertainment industry, Smith’s work is poignant and witty as she delves into the psychology behind pop stardom, teen idols, Carly Rae Jepsen and ending world poverty.

How to Tell if Your Child is Mexican

All parenting books seem to churn out the same useless information, but here we have a parenting book that’s not afraid to face facts and tell it how it is. How to Tell if Your Child is Mexican is a great read for first-time parents or really any parent who wants to brush up on their parenting skills. Written by renowned child psychologist and hardcore fundamentalist John A. Flapjack, How to Tell if Your Child is Mexican covers those curly questions parents are too afraid to ask. What if my child is Mexican? How will I cope? Where can I seek help? Do I qualify for welfare? We all can learn a lot from this book.

Ayn Rand Rates the Sexiness of Pokémon

Ayn Rand is one of literature’s finest writers, and once again she delivers a book of crisp prose, beautiful storytelling and real depth. Exploring new ground, Rand brings her trademark style to the world of Pokémon. If you have ever asked yourself is Ludicolo sexier than Chansey, then this book has the answer. This is THE definitive list of sexiest Pokémon. How will your favourite stack up?

50 Shades of Twilights

Another brilliant and original addition to the tween vampire romance genre. 50 Shades of Twilights captures modern youth culture with devastating beauty and truth. Every girl will immediately fall in love with the burgeoning romance of Krystal and Rothbart. What a beautiful book. I wept for days.


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