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Catch-Up Time

Gosh! It’s been three and a half months of zero activity. This site’s been barer than a baby with a Brazilian! So what have we all been up to in this time? I’ll go first.

I finished the first draft of my book. That’s right! I wrote a whole freaking book! Actually, it’s horribly under the average word count of a novel but it’s only the first draft. There’s still a lot of work to be done before it’s at all where I want it to be. It’s actually really exciting to post about stuff like this because I’m such a shy and secretive person. I conduct all my writing in total secrecy, ready to stash it all away in a second if I fear it’s in danger of being read and appraised.  It sounds silly to be that fearful of showing people my work but writing is very personal and I believe that you shouldn’t show it to anyone until you’re happy with it because otherwise people are going to make suggestions and critiques and suddenly you’re writing for other people instead of yourself.

What’s the book about, you whisper into your computer. I’ll give you two guesses. (Any regular visitors will be familiar with the only two genres I rave on about.) Give up? Well maybe I’ll make a post about it. Keep your eyes, and bananas, peeled.

What else is new? Well, I’ve become once again obsessed with creepypasta. To any not in the know, creepypasta is the name for short stories with a decidedly creepy or scary bent. I’ve been voraciously devouring the stories on Creepypasta.com and even submitted my own! It’s titled ‘If You Go Down To The Woods’, which I posted on my blog last year. How did it go? You can read the comments here. It’s received a fairly positive reaction although some of those commenters are decidedly blunt and harsh. That doesn’t bother me too greatly. I knew that regulars to the site prefer long stories, usually with a supernatural bent, and that’s pretty much the opposite of what I was going for. To each their own! I enjoy the story and I see it as a good chance for me to get my work out in public and receive feedback.

More generally I’ve kept myself busy coming up with new ideas for stories and novels, plotting and doing some writing. One curse of a fertile imagination is that I can never finish one project before thinking up a new one! I’m continuously flitting between several different pieces.

FYI, I do have a life outside of the written word. But that’s hardly interesting.

And there we have it. See, it’s just like old times. How I’ve missed you! Until next time, my little kitten whiskers!


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