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If I Lived in the 1920’s…

Ah, the 1920’s. What a glorious time to live in if you were white and rich.

So, THE GREAT GATSBY IS COMING and everywhere I go I am bombarded with news about THE GREAT GATSBY, which IS COMING! SOON!

That got me wistfully thinking (to think any other way is simply no-go) about what I would do were I alive in the 1920’s. So…


Doesn’t Jitterbugging just sound wonderful? Why dance when you can jitterbug?!!! And it makes you sound very young and nimble, “Oh hello chaps, I can’t stay and chat. I’m just off for a spot of  jitterbugging. Pip pip!”

Throw sherry parties

I’ve never tasted sherry and it sounds like it tastes awful but I would drink it if it meant having a sherry party. I don’t think sherry parties are even about sherry, but you’d hardly have a Gin party. So uncouth. So un-sherry.

Throw Sherry

Smug bitch. Thinks she can show up to my sherry parties and make it all about her.

Play bridge

I don’t know how to play bridge and I can’t be bothered to learn but if I lived in the 20’s then oh boy I would be all about bridge. Bridge parties. With sherry! Oh, what a world it would be…

Solve murders

Did well-to-do lads and dames even do anything else besides solve murders in the 1920’s? I mean, seriously? And after you solved a murder you could celebrate by throwing a sherry party!


Actually, I’d probably wait for it to come out in theatres. I hear it’s going to be AMAZEBALLS!

Well sorry chums. I’d love to stay and continue this little list but I really must be off, you see. Throwing another of my sherry parties. Oh yes, there’ll  be bridge and jitterbugging. Such a right royal knees-up. Ta-ta!


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