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I’ve fallen off the WordPress wagon it seems.

Not entirely true though. I’ve been neglecting this blog but I have been working on editing my novel.

I’ve edited the first two chapters and have started on the third. Funnily, I may be one of the only people to actually increase the word count during the editing process. Mostly, people cut out unnecessary parts but that’s just the way I’ve worked on the first draft; I wrote it down in its briefest form and am now expanding it into an actual novel.

I’m notoriously fickle and I’ve been side-tracked form this blog as I’ve started up another one. Yeah, my current obsession at the moment is the reality TV show Survivor. I joined a Survivor forum to share all my Survivor experiences, ideas and opinions and it still wasn’t enough so I created my own WordPress blog just for my Survivor thoughts!

If you’re interested you may of course check it out here: http://survivortribalcouncil.wordpress.com/

What’s the future hold for this blog? I may keep blogging here but I may find some new fascination in the next few days. Let’s see how it all goes.

Ta Ta!


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