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End of the World

So the world didn’t even end. Bummer.

But wait, there’s still time! With NASA officially stating that there was no impending doom from the usual suspects – meteors, volcanoes, George Bush’s surprise re-election – we may have to look to some less-likely apocalypses. Here’s my pick for 2012!

Justin Bieber fan-girl rampage

Cooties outbreak

Squirrel uprising

Everyone runs in the same direction, speeding up the Earth’s rotation and causing it to age 1 billion years

Pluto’s revenge

Poisoned M & M’s

Somebody turns off the sun

Exploding puppies

The 75th Hunger Games

Tectonic plates pretend to be bumper cars

Sparkly vampires

Sparkly zombies


Vesuvius: This Time It’s Personal!

The internet breaks – Oh God! We’re doomed!!!


Happy end of the world, everyone!


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